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A simple aspect ratio calculator

While resizing images, use this calculator to preserve their aspect ratio. The formula used by this app is:

(h1 / w1) x w2 = h2

Where h1 is the original height, w1 is the original width, w2 is the new width and h2 is the new height.



Just download the latest release and place the contents of the bin folder on your local or web server.

Preview a demo HERE.



Make sure you have Node 0.10^ and npm installed. You’ll need to have Grunt and Sass installed. Use these commands:

npm install -g grunt-cli
gem install sass

You can then install all the project dependencies using:

npm install

Available Grunt tasks:

For local development you can use

python -m SimpleHTTPServer <specify a port>

and you can check if the build passes using Travis-CI.